The Internet can be interpreted as a broad and large computer networks worldwide, namely linking user computers from a country to other countries around the world, in which there is a wide range of information resources from a static to a dynamic andinteractive.

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The benefits of the internet

In general there are many benefits that can be gained when someone had access to the internet. Here's some of what's available on the internet:

1. Information for private life: health, recreation, hobbies, personal development, spiritual, social.
2. Information for workers: professional/life science, technology, trade, stocks, commodities, business news, the association profession, business associations, variouscommunication forums.

One of the most interesting thing is that membership of the internet knows noboundaries of race, class, economic, ideological or other factors that normally inhibitthe exchange of thoughts. The Internet is a world community which is very democraticand has a code of ethics that respected all members.

The benefits of the internet are mainly obtained through cooperation between private or group without the limits of distance and time.

To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, it was time Indonesiaprofessionals utilize internet network and become part of a world information society.

Dynamic website own many different types and continues to evolve based on features, functions, and purposes of manufacture, among other things:
  • News Site (site news) – usually contains articles or news stories that are updated regularly. On some sites, visitors or users can leave comments. Example: Detiknews, Antaranews, Reuters and the BBC.
  • Social Network Site (social networking site) – such as Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Tagged etc.
  • Forum – made specifically so that the member can discuss in accordance with thetopic-a topic that has been set. For example: Asuna, the Second forum, PHPBulider.com, Motor Homes etc. To create discussion forums usually use the platform2 is readily available, either paid or free such as vBulletin like phpBB, SMF and others.
  • e-Commerce or Online store – created specifically for selling products online. Generally equipped with shopping cart (shopping cart) to allow a user/visitor shopping.But partly it was just a complete online catalog with detailed product and pricing, to make a purchase can be done via email or phone.
  • Search Engine Optimization (search engine)-website created specifically to find information at once the gateway to the pages of other websites. Example of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista etc.
  • Blog-also called diari online where the owner (individual or group) can update thearticle, good writing, images or other multimedia files on a regular basis where all the entries are arranged in chronological order and include comments made visitors.By default the blog has also been equipped with a full custom sidebar, RSS facility and the permalink.
  • Corporate/Company Website – public and typically contain informasi2 kegiatan2 an enterprise.
  • Web Portal – a simple form of search engines where this site contains a brief information and links to sources of other websites.
  • Community site (community site) – site created specifically for community-specifickomuntas for the sharing of information is limited.
  • File Sharing – a special website created to share files, pictures, videos, music and other digital files. Some are paid there are unisex which free. Example: Photobucket, Flickr, Imageshack, Rapidshare, 4shared etc.
  • Business Online Site – sites that are created with the purpose of an online business. There are many types of online business provided by these sites and it takes 1 separate discussion to discuss sites that do business online including offering jobs online.