The domain associated with the two-letter extensions, and is often also called thesecond-level domains, such as. id (Indonesia), .au (Australia), .jp (Japan) and others.This domain is operated and licensed dimasing countries. In Indonesia, domain-this domain ending,.,.,.,.,., and on lately plus,., and The use of each of these endings differ depending on the user and the services, among other things:

  • For business entity which has legal entity legitimately
  • for educational institutions
  • specifically for government agencies of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Military Institutions specific to the Republic of Indonesia
  • for all sorts of organizations means not included in the category of "", "", "", "" etc
  • for industrial internet cafes in Indonesia
  • special to the institution which organizes such education elementary, junior high and HIGH SCHOOL or
  • intended for businesses, organizations or individuals who perform activities on the Worl Wide Web.
The domain name of each site in the whole world nothing is the same so there is noneed for the site to be found confused or confused name page of the site. To obtainthe name of the domain rental, usually done in a certain period (annual).